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There are seven 2000m mountains in Sweden, all above the Arctic Circle and, as a group, unclimbed in a single winter expedition. Until this year, that is – a British team will attempt them in March 2009. Meet the team.

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Expedition Diary:

Black & White Pics

Aug 03, 2009, posted by

Finally (after prompting from Greg) got round to processing my B&W prints from the expedition. Hey. You digital guys never had it so good. If anyone wants to take B&W photos in the future just click the greyscale button in paintshop – its much cheaper!

Rapa Campsite

Rapa Valley


Once I have scanned them I will post some in the gallery area.

Expedition Photos

May 06, 2009, posted by

We’ve uploaded the first batch of expedition photos which can be viewed in our gallery. More photos and some video clips to follow soon!

Hut-to-Hut; A day in the life video

May 06, 2009, posted by


Short vid showing preparation, packing, and moving off across the frozen lake from Akkastugan.

Watch out for Paul’s man-boobs and you may just get a glimpse of Santa in there (aka Bjorn the Warden who was voted best hut warden in the universe 2009 by me).

The huts in the area remind me of the Youth Hostels of yesterday year. Beautifully made and laid out. Woodburning stove for warmth. Gas stove for cooking. Water from the stream meltwater or a hole in the lake. Beautiful locations. You could make a great tour between the huts (the remoter ones are better). Places you can really chill out in.

2 exceptions:

  • Singi Hut has been ‘renovated’ using very high quality furniture from Ikea. It’s dreadful.
  • Kebnekaise Fjallstation is best avoided. They are trying to turn the place into a hotel. Expensive. Restaurant food does not match the mountain/winter sport environment i.e. its celeb chef crap. All the staff are great but the management need a good hard look at what they are doing.

Whisks, Wolverines & White

May 05, 2009, posted by

All rants in this post are solely the opinions of myself alone.


Swedes have a problem. Whisks. Now to you and me non-swedes a whisk is something that you may have one of in your kitchen draw that comes out once a year on Pancake day (briefly until you throw in the sink reaching for the electric whisk which is lets face it a whole deal better). Now to the Swedes a whisk is an institution. All of the mountain huts had drawers full of the things. Heaps of them. Mounds and mounds of whisks. Flat whisks, tall whisks, thin whisks and selling for lots of cash in the Kebnekaise Fjallstation the 6″ Travel Whisk no less.

Questioned about it, its the porridge alledgedly. Must be whisked to obtain the perfect consistancy. As any sound and rational porridge officinardo will tell you – perfect porridge can only be made using a wooden spoon.

“Some say porridge should only be stirred in a clock wise direction using the right hand so you don’t evoke the ‘Devil’. The stirring is done with a straight wooden spoon /stick without a moulded or flat end and known is Scotland as a ‘Spurtle’ or ‘Theevil’. “

Taken from the Porridge Making World Championship no less!  

Oh yes and just before the Swedish Porridge Whisk Society hate-mail starts – if you Swedes want to argue then please first start using birch twig whisks (which have got to be real difficult to clean): And remember clockwise unless you want to evoke the devil!

Also (until Tarfala) not a single tea-spoon was to be found among the whisk mountain. (Swede’s call them ‘coffee’-spoons – as if any civilised person would admit to drinking coffee). So similar to Tools for Africa I am thinking of setting up Spoons for Sweden where people donate their unwanted wooden & tea-spoons in return the Swedes send their whisks to the great melting pot in the sky.


Is there anything in nature more scary than a beast the Swedish call “The Murderer”. Yes the savage wolverine can take down a reindeer by merely staring at them, can terrify bears with its body odour, and can chase of wolves to the equator if one dares look at Mrs Wolverine in slightly the wrong way.

Wolverine Tracks

Yet of the same Swedes who proclaim such a vicious name, not a single one had ever seen one. What kind a strange beast is this which walks on 3 legs, kills reindeer for fun, can skim over snow drifts and is invisible. Well using the latest in technology in scanning laser infra-refractometry the expedition managed to take the worlds first image of the illusive wolverine.

llusive 3-legged Wolverine

Don’t get me wrong; I wouldn’t want to share my sleeping bag with one (well not until it had shaved and washed). 


Its not that I dislike white. Its a great colour just kind of boring. I just think snow would be nicer if it was multicoloured (but not yellow).

A Big Thankyou To Our Supporters

Apr 17, 2009, posted by

Hoppy, Greg, Jamie & Paul

Hoppy, Greg, Jamie & Paul

The expedition would just like to say thankyou for your support in raising money for our nominated charities. (Remember we haven’t stopped collecting so if you haven’t donated then please do so if you are able.)

Most team members have spent the last week readjusting to complex life and beginning the long process of post trip jobs.

Welcome to the UK

Apr 07, 2009, posted by

Not sure if it was the triple long-queued security at Terminal 5 or the first sight of grass for 3 weeks that gave it away but we are back in the UK and starting the re-acclimatisation process.

A full report will follow in due course along with several articles on specific items. Galleries will come online after sorting out the 10Gb of stored media we took (it may take a while).

Mihkajiegna Glacier

Last day panic

Mar 12, 2009, posted by

Sorry for no updates for a while. I can safely say all four of us have entered ‘panic packing’ mode.

Latest news is that charity donations have just tipped the £2000 mark. So a massive thankyou to those supporting our charities.

Just added to our inventory is a HD handycam, the footage of which will be professionally edited on our return by one of our supporters (more details to follow).

Look after yourselves while we are away ;-)


Message from BSES Staff

Mar 10, 2009, posted by

Message from BSES

Message from BSES

Arctic Diet at Sainsburys

Mar 05, 2009, posted by

Jamie Oliver’s healthy meals? Take a break chubby. What you need is to swan up to the checkout with:

  • 20 bars of chocolate (large)
  • 10 bags of nuts (large)
  • 50 flapjack bars
  • 5 bags of boiled sweets (large)
  • 50 fruit finger bars
  • 4 packs of syrup porridge oats
  • 40 sachets of instant hot chocolate drink
  • 20 sachets of carbo energy drink 

Do boiled sweets (fruit flavoured) count as one of my 5-a-day?

BWS2000ers in Trail Magazine

Feb 26, 2009, posted by

We’re pleased to announce that Trail have published a half-page feature on our expedition in the current (April) issue. Grab yourself a copy and turn to page 44!

They have also asked that on our return we provide them with ~5 minutes of video footage from the expedition to include on the front page of their site Live for the Outdoors.